Time for Palliative Care

If the patient has:

  • A life-limiting illness or conditions leading to dependence on life-sustaining treatments;
  • An acute, serious and/or life-threatening illness such as severe trauma, leukemia or acute stroke, where a cure or reversal of the illness is a realistic goal but the treatments pose significant burden;
  • A progressive chronic condition such as peripheral vascular disease, malignancies, chronic renal or liver failure, stroke with significant functional impairment, advanced heart or lung disease, frailty, neurodegenerative disorders or dementia;
  • End-stage dementia, terminal cancer or severe disabling stroke, and those who are unlikely to recover or stabilize, and for whom intensive Palliative Care is the predominant focus and goal of care for the time remaining;
  • Terminally ill patient that is not ready for hospice;

As the Homestead Palliative Care team walks beside you in life's journey, we walk with purpose, to alleviate pain and symptoms and promote a quality of life.