Homestead Palliative Care

Living Life ...

Imagine an improved quality of life through Palliative Care with the patient leading their goals and healthcare choices. Patients can continue to pursue aggressive, curative treatment for their diseases or illness. In fact, Palliative Care is often used to treat side effects of curative treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. Palliative Care relieves symptoms of a disease or disorder even if it cannot be cured.

Homestead takes the time to listen and talk to the patient for a better understanding of their healthcare desires and to determine the goals of care. We understand that sometimes the scariest part of a disease or illness is not knowing what to expect. By taking the appropriate proactive measures with Homestead’s Symptom Pathway for Crisis Management, anxiety related to the disease or illness symptoms for the patient and caregiver can be alleviated.

What to expect:

  • Monthly visit by Nurse Practitioner in your home (as needed)
  • Medical support for symptom and pain management to alleviate suffering (as needed)
  • Monthly social worker visit for advanced care planning discussions for present and future needs
  • Monthly spiritual support visit to address any present and future grief/bereavement needs