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What We Do Is Not Taught In School

by Kelly Oko, RN, CHPN, DON of Phoenix Office

"I had no idea today would end this way.

I went to see a palliative patient today, for the very first time. We quickly bonded. She’s a beautiful human being, inside and outside. She has cancer stage 4 , on chemotherapy, and her hair is falling out. She honored me today, on my first visit to her, by asking me to shave her head to remove all of her hair. After we were done, she took my hand to go to the mirror. We laughed and cried together, and hugged. She thanked me for making what she thought was going to be so hard, something truly special….

And this is life in the day of hospice and palliative care!! THIS IS HOMESTEAD !! WHAT A BLESSING AND HONOR we have to do this work."

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