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Flex for Checks

Did you know you can get rewarded for the Covid Vaccine?

Please follow the instructions below to register for the Flex for Checks program.

You will earn $75 per shot if you are not vaccinated. If you are already vaccinated, thank you! You can also earn rewards! Earn $25 per shot for every community member you sign up who gets vaccinated.


If you are already registered in the Flex for Checks program, skip to “Step 2”

Worker Registration

1. Click on the link or SCAN the QR Code above.

2. Once you reach the Worker Information page, scroll down to a green button that says, “Get Started.” Click this button to REGISTER.

3. Fill out the required information fields. *Do not check the box that says, “Already Vaccinated?”, if you are partially vaccinated. *

4. The final page of the process will ask you to create a password. Make sure to remember the email and password you use to register.


If you are already vaccinated, you can skip to “Step 3”

5. After registration, you can go to to login to your account.

6. Once logged in, you will see Your Dashboard

7. To record your personal vaccination, click the button that says, “Record Your Personal Vaccinations”.

8. Fill out the required fields and UPLOAD an image of your CDC vaccine card for our Vaccine Verification Control Unit to verify.

9. Upon verification, you should expect your digital gift card within 1-2 business days or your physical plastic gift card in 4-6 weeks.


10. Once you register, you will get a unique link and QR Code. You can always find that again by logging in at

11. As you talk to your patients, family, and friends, encourage them to get vaccinated.

12. SHARE your code! Help them get paid too, by sharing your QR code. Every time someone scans, registers, and get vaccinated they will earn $50 per shot, and you will earn $25! There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn!

If you have any questions about the program or need any additional guidance, please contact their support center at 877-770-6642. They are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 8AM-5PM Pacific Time.

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