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Together, we can provide high-value care

Partner With Us

Partnering with a specialized provider like Homestead, with hospice and palliative care expertise, can lead to less office time, reduced re-hospitalization and staying informed about your patients.

Patients referred to hospice or palliative care can have greater quantity and quality of life if the they are identified in time. As the patient’s physician, you provide authority, trust and expertise that can make all the difference in making a hospice referral a timely, supportive and beneficial experience for both the patient and the family.

What to Expect From Homestead Hospice & Palliative Care

  • Response time within one hour of each referral

  • Certified Nursing Assistant visits as often as needed

  • Watch List – created to identify at-risk patients before a crisis occurs

  • Proactive social services with contacts to many local community resources

  • Face-to-face reporting from our staff regarding the care plan (if requested)

  • Involvement with resident activities in facilities

  • Volunteer programs including We Honor Veterans

  • Nurturing Arts

  • Grief and bereavement support

  • Commitment to patient-focused and compassionate care

Proactive Care Services

  • Symptom Management Pathway for Crisis to alleviate unnecessary trips to the emergency department

  • Anticipatory Social Determinants Assessment

  • Watch List

  • Calls to patients, families and facilities to ensure Homestead is meeting service goals and expectations

  • On-call nurses are backed each night by an administrative call team to ensure timely coverage

  • Support groups and memorial services

Interdisciplinary Team

  • Nurse Practitioner for palliative care interdisciplinary team visits

  • Nurses with additional comprehensive training in palliative and cancer care to manage symptoms

  • Dietary counseling for nutritional and symptom management

  • Clinical PharmD resource 24/7 and medication management 

  • Social Worker to help relieve the anxiety, fear and/or depression of the patient and their family

  • Consultation and education regarding infection control, fall prevention and skin integrity management

  • Palliative physical therapy for range of motion to prevent contractures

  • Speech therapist consultation for dysphagia to minimize hospitalization

  • Respiratory therapist for respiratory complications (e.g., high flow oxygen) 

Homestead’s team will work with you to provide the hospice and palliative care that your patient deserves. With Homestead’s thoughtfully prepared programs, we promote team collaboration. Together we can enhance the quality of life for your patient and their family.

Homestead is available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss how we can begin a partnership to best serve your patient’s needs. Click here to find our locations.

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