Personalized care for pain and symptom management

Hospice Care

Distinctive Services, Compassionate Care

Patient care that focuses on the quality of life not the length of life. Recognizing that each person’s situation is unique and believing in compassionate care. It’s the reassurance of on-call nursing, assistance in managing pain and symptoms and the companionship of specially trained volunteers that allow Homestead patients and caregivers to feel safe and cared for. Knowing that services like pharmacy and durable medical equipment can be delivered right to the patient’s place of residence. Clinical care with exclusive programs like Care Beyond Cancer that comes with a team of professionals that understand what the patient and caregiver are going through while seeking treatment and also when no cure is available. Or Crisis Care that includes a Watch List and Continuous Care support with around the clock care offering peace of mind knowing help is just a phone call away. The physical, emotional, psychosocial care and the volunteer that is by the patient’s and caregiver’s side to hold a hand or sit and just listen to life stories. It’s about making every moment count together spending quality time together with a loved and family…we are Homestead Hospice.



Homestead Hospice will deliver unparalleled, individualized care to our patients and families in their homes. It will assure that their most important journey on this earth is full of joy and comfort.



Transforming the future of hospice and palliative care by being the standard in excellence and innovation.


"We serve from a place of gratitude and are grateful for all who serve with us" ~ Mallie Sharafat, CEO Homestead Hospice