Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Once a referral is received...a hospice nurse will meet the patient within 24-hours for an assessment to determine hospice eligibility. Upon hospice admission, the patient is provided a multitude of resources and support with immediate communication for care planning and scheduling. The Attending Physician remains as the patient’s primary physician and will work with the Homestead team to review care plans and discuss conditions and prognosis. As the Attending Physician, you are in a unique position to provide end-of-life care, which includes recognizing the need for and recommending hospice care when appropriate.

"We serve from a place of gratitude and grateful for all who serve with us"~Mallie Sharafat, CEO Homestead Hospice

    • “The Homestead Hospice Greenwood, SC staff were so kind and compassionate to my family and to my mother, and I personally recommend Homestead Hospice to others both professionally and personally”.

      -Dr. Joy Draper
    • "When I was taking care of my parents while raising my 2 young children, I was lucky to have been introduced to Homestead Hospice. They helped me take care of my parents during this difficult time. Thank you fo rhelping me keep my parents at home."

    • Homestead Hospice of Greenwood, SC is currently providing care for residents in Ashley Place, assisted living facility. The staff has been kind and compassionate to our residents and families, and, we receive positive feedback often. We are impressed with the interaction homestead staff have with our residents for activities and nurturing arts events as well. Homestead provides excellent care to our residents, and we are very pleased with these services.

      -Nursing Resident Director, Chris Sayer
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