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Innovative Focus  •  Improved Throughput  •  Crisis Prevention  •  Efficiency

With Homestead’s coordinated care program, you will receive high-value services,

improved overall patient satisfaction and reduced average length-of-stay.

Emergency Department (ED) Diversion Program

  • 24/7 evaluations available 365 days per year

  • Educate caregivers on identifying disease-specific symptoms to avoid unnecessary ED visits

Outpatient Palliative Care

  • Earlier intervention with patients leads to quicker and safer transition back into their homes

  • Optimized throughput for critical care beds and resources

  • Aligned population health with improved clinical outcomes

Comprehensive Crisis Care Program

  • Homestead Symptom Management Pathway for Crisis

    • Caregiver guide for anticipatory symptoms of specific diagnoses

  • Transitional Care for a comfortable transition from hospital to home

    • An assigned team provides supportive care (duration depends on the patient’s needs)

    • Proactive watch list for patients experiencing a rapid decline

    • Monitoring via increased visits and telecare until the patient is stabilized

  • Continuous Care for critical symptom management

Social Services

  • Advance directive conversations with patient and family for informed decisions about end-of-life care

  • Homestead’s proactive Social Service Pathway Patient Evaluation for local resource recommendations

  • Placement, benefits and final arrangement counseling

Education Program

  • Continuing Education Units (CEU), bereavement, hospice and palliative care